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Toecap (red zone)

Hoe werkt het?

Vul vooraf de gewenste reparatie in, kies een schoenmaker en betaal vooraf.

2. Lever je schoenen in

Lever je klimschoenen bij de gekozen schoenmaker in.

3. Haal ze op

Haal ze op nadat je een bericht hebt gekregen. Meestal is dit binnen een week.

  • How does Resole work?
    Resole works with local shoemakers. You schedule an appointment when it suits you best. Payment will be made in advance, after which you can return your climbing shoes to the shoemaker. You will receive an email when the repair is complete, after which you can pick them up.
  • There's a hole in my climbing shoe. Can I still resole it?
    Even if the hole is small, it is still possible to have it repaired. An extra piece of rubber is put over the nose to cover the damaged part. If there is a hole in the shoe, choose an additional nose repair when an appointment is scheduled. As a general rule, if a pen can be inserted through the hole, the shoe cannot be fixed. If you're in doubt, you may always send us photos via Whatsapp or email.
  • Why repair your climbing shoes?
    By having your climbing shoes repaired, you avoid having to throw away your pair and buy a new one. This is not only up to 3-4 times cheaper, but you also save the environment because new climbing shoes do not have to be produced. ‍ Furthermore, resoled shoes have the additional advantage compared to new shoes that they no longer need to be broken in. The shape of your shoe is maintained while a new fresh rubber is placed on the bottom. So it even feels better and this makes you even better at climbing!
  • Soft or hard rubber?
    We offer two types of rubber: soft (XS Grip 2) and hard (XS Edge). Most shoes are soled with soft rubber. See below for an overview
  • How long does it take?
    Every shoemaker has a fixed day a week on which he repairs the shoes. Shoes can be collected before the fixed day. It won't take more than a week to get it repaired. You will receive a message when you can pick up your climbing shoes again.
  • Can I also have my shoes shipped?
    Because we only work with local shoemakers, it is not possible to have your shoes shipped. This not only saves costs, but also puts less burden on the environment.
  • Where can I have my shoes resoled?
    A pilot is currently running in Amsterdam. If this is successful, we will expand this to several locations.
  • How often can I have my climbing shoe resoled?
    If there is no hole in the shoe yet, it is possible to have the climbing shoe resoled 3 to 4 times. If there is a hole in the shoe, the shoes will feel a little tighter when they are resoled. However, this is often not a problem and you can have it resoled 1 to 2 times.
  • Which shoes are suitable to have it resoled?
    All climbing shoes from the brands La Sportiva, Scarpa, Five-Ten, Boreal, and other major brands can be resoled.
  • What type of rubber do you use?
    The soft rubber Vibram This is a high-quality rubber that is used for indoor sports climbing and bouldering shoes. Another type of rubber is the hard Vibram
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